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Game Masters

Paul Algee – Hmm, good question Paul’s House Rules
Courtney Campbell – 1e/OSRIC/Hackmaster etc. Courtney’s House Rules
Nathanuil DeMille – 3.5 finder 4e Nathanuil’s House Rules
Daniel Hall – Pathfinder Daniel’s House Rules

General Adventuring Activities:

Low Level Activities (1st-4th)

  • Exploring Adventure Sites
  • Exploring Dungeons
  • Completing Requests

Mid Level Activities (5th-9th)

  • Mercantile Ventures
  • Mapping Hexes
  • Long Range Exploration
  • Politics & Intrigue
  • Making Requests

High Level Activities (10th-14th)

  • Mapping and Clearing Hexes
  • Establishing a Domain
  • Class based activities
  • Managing Empires



A note about evil PC’s: Remember that they are still the heroes of the game, and can be sympathetic (in fact must be sympathetic and have reasons for all their actions), loyal, have strong friendships and bonds, and generally act like respectable human beings, . . .who are in general not having any moral qualms about the accidental death and dismemberment of local populations in pursuit of their goals.

It is not a license to be a dick.

Main Page

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