Securing the Domain

The base hex is a six mile hex. Each hex has a resource value of 3-9, determined by rolling 3d3. This represents natural resources (determined by GM & Players) in the hex. This resource value is the revenue in gold pieces per peasant family per month.

Land is classified as Wilderness, Borderlands or Civilized.
For purposes of Stone and Shadow, civilized areas are all self-sustaining city states, meaning they extend no influence. Hexes within range of a city state are all borderland. Some of this will be dynamic and change once locations on the map become more defined.

Common Merchandise/Natural Resources Include
Grain/Vegtables, Fish, Wood, Animals, Salt, Beer, Oil, Textiles, Hides/Furs, Tea/Coffee, Common Metals, Meats, Cloth, Wine/Spirits, Pottery, Tools, Armor/Weapons, Dye/Pigments, Glassware, Mounts
Precious Merchandise/Resources include
Rare wood, Rare Fur, Precious Metals, Ivory, Spices, Porcelain, Books, Silk, Semiprecious stones, and Gems


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