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Money and Coins
The most common coin is the gold piece (gp). A gold piece is worth 2 electrum pieces (ep) or 10 silver pieces (sp). Each silver piece is worth 10 copper pieces (cp). In addition to copper, silver, electrum, and gold coins, there are also platinum pieces (pp), which are each worth 5 gp.
Coins, being metal, can weigh quite a lot and slow adventurers down. Adventurer Conqueror King System measures the encumbrance of coins and other items in stone. A stone is a historical unit of measure that varied from 8 to 14lb depending on what was being measured. ACKS assumes a stone weighs around 10lb, but it is left purposefully abstract to represent an amalgam of weight, bulk, and generally portability. For purposes of encumbrance, 1,000 coins is considered 1 stone. When a carrying device, such as a backpack, lists the weight it can carry in stones, this weight can converted at 1:1000 from stones to coins to determine how many coins it can carry.

Exchange Value


Copper Piece (cp) 1 1/10 1/50 1/100 1/500
Silver Piece (sp) 10 1 1/5 1/10 1/50
Electrum Piece (ep) 50 5 1 1/2 1/10
Gold Piece (gp) 100 10 2 1 1/5
Platinum Piece (pp) 500 50 10 5 1

Weapons and Equipment
All characters are assumed to begin with sturdy clothes suitable for adventuring. Any other equipment desired should be purchased from the equipment listed on the Weapons and Equipment Table. These lists will also be handy when characters need to restock supplies between adventures.
Most equipment and other items listed on the table are described below. Note that should the players wish to purchase items not provided in the equipment lists, the Judge may use the items available as guidelines for determining new items’ characteristics, including prices, and damage if additional weapons are desired.
Characters of any class may purchase, carry, and use any weapons or armor desired, with whatever drawbacks are expected.

Equipment List


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