1st Edition or OSRIC Reference

Character Creation:
4d6, arrange to taste
Select Proficiencies

Hackmaster or Second Edition Kits available upon request and review – though proficiencies should take care of most special class designs

House Rules
20 Hit Point Kicker + Exploding Dice
Armor Absorbs Damage
Hackmaster Critical hit tables
Psionics Supplement
Alchemy Supplement (in progress)
All Shields Shall Be Splintered
Strong Henchman Force
Carousing for Experience
Consolation Prize Weapon Damage
Mages do not prepare spells, but may use any spell ‘known’. Spells known are limited.
Shooting into Melee: Target is randomly determined. Proficiency allow you to shoot into melee.
d6 initiative, May declare movement only to move regardless of roll, Must declare withdrawal before roll.


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