Of Stone and Shadow

Plans coming to Fruitiion

Ah, the rewards that await those who plan well are definitely worthwhile. Despite my death experience, I was ready to go out and take on the deadly stirges that guarded a room in the Dwarven ruins. I asked the little pixie-fairy Donella to accompany us, knowing more could be better than less. I expect to have her come with us many times in the future, so I made sure she had a good selection of spells. I didn’t really give her a choice in the matter, and selected a spell of force and a spell I very much looked forward to using that pooled all the gold within a certain area, even pulling hidden gold from its secret locations.

My companions were grim and intense and we were able to get there this time with little disruption to our plans. We carefully set up the trap, knowing that any mistake could cost us our lives. We placed a large fishing net vertically in the room, leaving enough space for them to fly into it. We attached ropes with a slipknot to hold the net up on the ceiling, and tied a rope on the door. Then the summoner brought in some elves (after a failed attempt with some rats) to open the door between our trapped room and the stirges, and lure them back to us. Donella didn’t seem any more concerned than the rest of my companions that we were sending people in to possibly die, and I was relieved that my allies lack of morals wasn’t going to become an issue. I myself wasn’t quite so devoid of morals, but I was able to accept the use of summoned creatures knowing they would be sent back to the nether once their duty was fulfilled.


nexusphere domdemille

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