Something a little more epic.

Been a little busy lately? Between kids and work, don’t have time for a game? Can’t commit one day ever week? Missing the tabletop, having free time, and yet not having a game that fits the time you do have to spare?

Welcome to Stone and Shadow

Stone and Shadow is a game with a living world, run by four DM’s each with dozens of years of experience running games.

It is a game focused on player agency, player driven campaigns, and conflict.

It is a domain level game, where eventually Chaotic PC fighters can have mighty hordes of beastmen, Paladins can create holy provinces to cleanse evil from the land, Thieves can run syndicates within cities creating vast spy networks, Druids can create mighty holy groves harnessing the power of the land, Priests use giant congregations to power miracles to shape the land, Fighters can become mighty kings and rule, Psionicists can create mighty crystal spires, and Alchemists can forge hidden labs to research new discoveries, while wizards create mighty sanctums to harness their power, or dungeons to collect monsters for experimentation.

Some Key Points to the Games

Mutiple DM’s Been in that game and had some burnout? Well, with several people running games, the burden isn’t on any one person, so this campaign is resilient against the ostensible “We should take a break for a few weeks” game that never gets back together.

Player Agency You control your destiny and goals. Politics, dungeons, trading goods – all goals are possible. In the end, your goals will not only drive the campaign, but eventually put you into conflict with the other players!

System is Irrelevant Take your character back and forth between each of the games using the FLAILSNAILS conventions

Open Table We realize that life is a bit hectic, and that as adults, we can’t commit to an endless campaign, removing one night every day for a year or more. So Of Stone and Shadow is an Open Table. What does this mean? It means games will be scheduled by the DM’s, and if you wish to attend show up! Nothing will rely on you, and the game will continue if you have to miss a week. Currently we are planning on meeting Sunday’s regularly, and other nights will open up as we move forward.

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Of Stone and Shadow

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