The Scepter of Farcicality

+2 Heavy Mace

weapon (melee)

This weapon has a Quartz shaft and a slate handle – topped by a ceramic head. When drawn and held in the hand an ominous chuckle can be heard.


The Scepter of Farcicality was created long ago, by the cleric Dramathar the Humorous (Self-Titled). This Cleric worshiped the deity of Humor and Comedy (we all believe he was quite insane). He spent his days wandering the land bring happiness and joy to the masses (mostly just annoyances). Wherever he was seen there was also heard the sound of his legendary mace giggling as he passed. Some say that this treasure was passed on to the congregation (2 peasants) and some say it was buried with the cleric; all that was known is that every once in a while a hero was seen welding the mace for the promotion of good (and a little humor too).

The Scepter of Farcicality

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