Malleus Kydon

A young, lean human man with the beginnings of a scraggy beard and a grim expression, Malleus is already pale and menacing despite his youth. He is tall but not gaunt, with corded arms and a deep chest. When he chooses to speak his voice is already deep


Something has always been wrong with the Kydon bloodline.

Tareus was the first Kydon. A barbarian from the steppes, Tareus was a mighty warlord who plundered and pillaged his way across the world. Some say he made a dark pact with an Infernal, who gifted him great power in exchange for a short but violent and glorious life. Others whisper even harsher things…that he took a chain devil as a wife, and corrupted the name of her kind and used it as his name in the civilized world.

Regardless, there is definitely something off about the Kydons. They are a little too strong, a little too lucky, a little too attractive, and a little too ambitious. Tareus spread his blood all over the countryside, but whether she was a devil or a nameless victim, a woman bore him a son he chose to claim: Paramides. Unlike his father, Paramides was no savage, but he was a brilliant tactician. He put together a mercenary band that was known far and wide. The Hellreavers made him famous, and he forged the Kydon name into something to be feared on the edge of Ursius, his sword.

Paramides took a wife and bore three children, all brothers. The oldest was Ultherus. Lacking his father’s skill, Ultherus became a courtier, and slowly built the Kydon name up from fringe status to middle class by investing heavily in land and trade. Ultherus wed Amarielle, a minor noble daughter who came with no dowry to speak of but a minor title. Together, they gave birth to a son and daughter. Aradus, their first born, inherited the merchant and shipping interests, and Laeria was married off to Yoros, Lord Banecroft…a huge connection for Ultherus/Aradus. Her sizeable dowry, combined with Aradus’s inheritence, left little for the other children.

Malleus always took after his grandfather and great grandfather. With no wealth to speak of, Malleus has set out to win his own fortune and glory, and he has claimed as his inheritence the battered greatsword once carried by Paramides Kydon. Malleus still feels a great deal of duty toward his remaining two younger sisters (the sister closest to him died of consumption when he was 14.) Realizing they have no dowries, he has made it his priority to earn the wealth to secure them good marriages, and possibly claim a title of his own. He is determined that no accident of birth will keep him from what rightfully should be his.

Malleus Kydon

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