Of Stone and Shadow

Good Help

Good help, it’s hard to find, it’s also necessary. I myself had aspirations of finding good help once….I have learned my lesson. It doesn’t exist. I have noticed a tendency in my mood to become frustrated and impatient rather quickly. Which for a wizard, is an appalling weakness. Maybe, it has to do with the fact that I think people talk to much and say more than they need to in order to convey a point, or plan which in most cases won’t work. Maybe, it has to do that I have chosen to party with people who are, in fact, half my height. Mind you this normally wouldn’t bother me. However our party is beginning to fill out and I feel less like an adventure and more like I am running a daycare…. This is not to say that they are not capable it’s just aesthetics. I would like to not have the crick in my neck, that I usually have, from pouring over a tome for days when I have casual conversation. However, it is not to be. I have resolved that I shall forever have a pain in my neck.

Speaking of I found a rather lively dwarf who was spouting off some nonsense that he was a powder keg of power ready to explode on the nearest giant. He was of course drinking heavily as most dwarfs do. However, I noticed that those who stepped up to challenge the vertically stunted sir. Were met swiftly with defeat regardless if it was arm wrestling or a drunken brawl. His gear looked more than sufficient and was well kept. I have had instance to pause several times on my adventure lately from not having enough protection. Whether it’s from a mass of skeletons or the bite of a stirge (rubes shoulder unconsciously). I could use someone capable between me and whatever may come. This dwarf fit the bill. He was pleasant enough and showed genuine interest in finding a solid adventuring party to join up with. A deal was struck.
Rolniak 1 Universe 0

His name was Forimyr and he was every bit as sturdy as I saw him in the bar so feeling rather confident in my new companion and the plan my croaking friend had devised for capturing the stirges. I was for the first time in a while looking forward to potentially getting some serious coin for my research without the looming and imminent presence of death.

We started our journey as we have so often before towards the ruins and as we come upon the gate house. My mind wanders to the many treasures that we will be able to glean from the ruins when I hear CACHUNK, and look up in time to see a heavy blot fly up into the hills by the gate house. I immediately think we have been attacked and drop to the ready to find myself staring at…..a ferocious bloodthirsty…..goat? I think what the f… just in time to hear the SECOND shot. Where as the first bolt missed, and merely got the herds attention this shot went right into the flank of one of the herd. Then the herd comes charging down the mountain at my diminutive friend at which point, I have just enough time to think “What a wanker.”. Before I run my ass around the back side of the gatehouse with Liryl. While hiding back there from the herd of mountain goats and lamenting my decision to hire the dwarf. Six goats coming tearing around the corner and line us up in their sights. I refuse to be done in by common wildlife and as such hit them with a stream of color and noise that instantly drops them as if they were no more than fainting goats. I honestly have never seen that spell work so effectively so smiling inwardly to myself I take note of another two goats assaulting our summoner who had the presence of mind to hide behind bars. I also hear the distant sounds of melee and hope Forimyr also has the same aversion to being killed by common wildlife. When all was said and done there were 8 dead goats and my new recruit was very apologetic saying something about testing new equipment. I decided to let it slide seeing as no one was hurt and the 8 goats would bring us some coin from the hides and such. Rolniak 1 Universe 1

Moving on we finally get back to the ruins and see one of the goblin lackeys of the bugbears run into the entrance. We cautiously take note that now the front area have been fortified to withstand assault. The room is filled with goblins and bugbears behind fortification walls. We decide to try and appeal to the diplomatic half of the bugbears. We also quickly find out that there is no diplomatic half to the bugbears. I immediately drop a globe of darkness on the largest group and prepare a color spray as the melee gets in full swing. As we confidently press forward against the hapless bugbears. We get a second surprise that they apparently alerted their boss to our last invasion, as a giant bugbear with a large obviously magical polearm, and three goblins riding spiders join the fray. Things look bad, I am glad to see that Forimyr was not all talk as he has the brunt of the force held at bay with his armor and shield. I see potential as the grouping is tight around Forimyr and begin to make plans to wade into the action. Liryl seems to have other ideas as while I am moving into the battle she is moving out of it.(A move that later would be revealed as the right one). Rogan was keeping one of the spiders busy and our summoner had dropped some rather disgusting leeches on a grouping of bugbears and goblins effectively removing them from the fight. I saw my chance and moved into position just in time as I cut loose with the spray it was not as effective as last time but it dropped a spider and goblin immediately from the fight and seriously messed with the big guy. I noticed he was stumbling and trying to recover from a blow he had dealt to Forimyr that was sizable. No sooner had I assessed that, Sturbin, with uncanny awareness and reflexes took the opportunity to leap upon the giant bugbears back and murder him. A tear will not be shed from me for that beast. I expect to see the tide turn in our favor with the boss and several spiders down. However, it was not meant to be as it only seemed to enrage the goblins who quickly fire some bolts I thought were coming at me only to realize they were aimed at poor Liryl behind me. I look back just in time to see her jaw splinter into a mess of blood and bone as the magical words she was speaking cease instantly. She is dead beyond a shadow of a doubt I watched her die. Forimyr without the pressure of one of the spiders and the boss quickly makes work of whats in front of him as I see Sturbin bound away on his hit and run strikes. Rogan downs the last spider and when it falls the tide finally shifts and they break and run. The battle was hard fought and the loss was truly felt not only for poor Liryl, but also for the hoard of loot that was once again going to have to wait another week. We shall call this one a tie since our companion survived the cruel process of being ripped back into life. Something I am glad for as I have grown to like my gnomeling friend. Rolniak 2 Universe 2.

We shall see how fate’s fickle finger finds me this week.


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