Of Stone and Shadow

Of felinicide and near death experiences

The day began with a perusal of the local bulletin board on the tavern wall. After a lengthy discussion about the merits of the various pleas for help the group decided to assist a seemingly dimwitted fellow with a rat problem. When they arrived upon the scene the sextet of heroes found the situation to be not quite as advertised. The man who made the plea was a crazy hermit hoarder with a basement full of pet rats. His walls were less than adequate at keeping out the local alley cats so in exchange for an undisclosed magical weapon family heirloom the party agreed to rid the man of his cat infestation so that his rats could play in safety. A plan was quickly devised in which Sturbin would cling to the ceiling and make rat noises to lure the unsuspecting felines into basement where instead of a savory rat lunch they would only taste steel instead. The group made short work of the waves of felines with fashion being the only casualty the protagonists suffered. Their reward proved be as ludicrous as it was useful when the hermit bestowed upon them the Scepter of Farcity, a mace that appeared to be a ceramic urn jammed on to a quartz and slate rod, which upon further inspection proved be a very sturdy weapon as well as a living room conversation piece.

Flush with their fresh success the party retired to their favorite bar to seek further gainful employment from the bulletin board. After a rousing debate about the legal definition of possession and ownership as it pertains to persons leaving unclaimed ruins the merry band decided to assist with a problem of disappearing cows. After a short trek to the edge of the city the intrepid entrepreneurs met with a farmer leaning against a post in front of a disassembled bovine. After a brief discussion it was discovered that this man did in fact offer the best kind of work. For a small price it was agreed that a certain shadowy figure would be removed from the premises in a permanent manner. While the more presentable party members engaged the unsavory gentleman in distracting banter the resident eviction specialist moved into position. The pest proved to be more than he seemed though as he did manage a nearly impossible shot after receiving a dire wound delivered on high with a smile. After Poor Sturbin fell to an onslaught of arrows, the remaining Ladies and Gentlemen managed to drive him off sans bow and armor. After some emergency amphibian aid the group decided to investigate further into the claims made by the vagabond. It turns out that the original board posting was his and he was attempting to impede the farmer from the lawful disposal of his property. With this new information and an injured companion the group decided to retire to their favorite haunt and recuperate.


nexusphere nathanuil

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